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    Epsilon’s true body streaks toward her in a blue bolt of lightning, crackling and sizzling as it tears downward from the grey plain.

    Her white shirt bursts into flame and plastic buttons melt and coil backward as the bolt buries itself directly into her chest cavity. As the energy begins to work its way through her body, the flesh begins to move. Like ripples on a calm pond the skin puckers and rolls. Her chest bucks and jerks, heaving as if in protest. At her shoulders the blades begin to lengthen and thicken, widening the neck and pulling the skin taut. Pink stretch marks erupt and slither across the neck and arms as the skin contorts to fit the massive musculature beneath.

    Rebecca is barely Rebecca.

    She is still recognizable as the only daughter of James and Sonia Bradford as her body turns upright. By the time the blue rolls like a wave from head to toe, coloring her as it goes, she is changed. By the time her delicate feet expand to a cacophony of snaps and crunches, she is different. By the time the energy from above sets her body on the ground, she is transformed.

    She is not even she anymore.